Meeting Registration

The cost of registration depends on the date you pay for your registration. The earlier you register the greater the discount on registration! (Refunds can only be issued on cancellations prior to 2/1/19).

Payment for registration by credit card is the most efficient method of payment. Wire transfers will incur additional charges of 50 Euros per registration due to bank fees.

Here is a summary of the registration costs:

400 Euros: Early Bird Attendee Registration, Before 4/9/19

300 Euros: Early Bird Guest/Spouse Registration, Before 4/9/19

500 Euros: Delayed Attendee Registration, Between 4/10/19 - 5/9/19

400 Euros: Delayed Guest/Spouse Registration, Between 4/10/19 - 5/9/19

600 Euros: Late Attendee Registration, Between 5/10/19 - 8/8/19

500 Euros: Late Guest/Spouse Registration, Between 5/10/19 - 8/8/19

700 Euros: Onsite Attendee Registration, 8/9/19 (Meeting Start Date) -

600 Euros: Onsite Spouse Registration, 8/9/19 (Meeting Start Date) -

Please click on one of the registration types below to register. This will place that registration into your shopping cart.

Please keep in mind that refund requests for registration fees can only be granted for requests for cancellation prior to February 1, 2019. Thank you.